Using booleans in blender



Part 2

Making unions

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1. Repeat the above first steps of creating the box, the cylinder. Add Boolean Modifier but instead of choosing Difference, choose Union.

2. Select the cylinder and hide it so that you can see the boolean result.

3. Add a remesh modifier. Play with Octree and Scale parameters until getting a low poly version. Now add a Subdivision Surface Modifier.

4. Apply Boolean and Remesh Modifier.

5. You can delete unnecessary edge loops either in this step or in the final one. In this case I prefer first to make the Edge Loop Cuts for crisping the borders and then to optimize the topology.

6. Sharp the borders using Cut Slide Loop Tool, by selecting one edge of the model and using the shortcut Ctrl + R.

7. Now slide the new edge loop to the border.

8. Repeat the process to each one of the four borders until the box gets crisp borders.

9. Now for optimizing the topology select the unnecessary inner edge loops and deleting them by pressing Delete Button and selecting Edge Loops.

Just like the back part that's all it's not necessary to apply subdivision surface modifier, instead you can use it for getting different levels of subdivision according the distance and for saving system memory.

The result is a topology which density can be subdivided according the needs, system memory, file size and so. Also It has a regular polygons flow and distribution that follows the shapes of the model.

This is the end of this tutorial about the basics of using booleans in blender and getting good topology results.


Experiment a lot for creating more complex shapes with booleans.


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