Cycles & EEVEE Materials Library Pro Materials Collection

Cycles & EEVEE Materials Library Pro Materials Collection is a complete bundle that includes Pro Materials Interiors and Pro Materials Exteriors for blender. Save 25% for both.


$1 per Material and Highly detailed Models and Scenes for Free!

  • All Models and Scenes are Included
  • RAW Renders (No post-production added)
  • 4K Textures
  • Learn How are made photorealistic shaders easily!
  • PBR Maps Diffuse, Specular, Normal Maps, and Surface Imperfections Alpha Maps (Dirt Textures/Maps).

























































Blender Version: 2.79, 2.8

Engine: Cycles & EEVEE

10 Types of Wood with five different materials each one:


  • RAW
  • Oil Finish
  • Matte Varnish
  • Semi Gloss Varnish
  • Glossy Varnish






  • Seamless bricks materials
  • Interior Wall Paint shader (with imperfections specular and diffuse)
  • Custom color fabrics
  • Realistic glasses






More than Seamless Textures


The materials are based on bitmap textures with alphas for adding dirt and imperfections combined for:


  • Giving more realism
  • Breaking pattern or tiling effect (too repetitive and non realistic)


With No Dirt Alpha Maps (common way):


The material looks too repetitive and non-realistic:


With Dirt Textures Alpha Maps


The material looks more irregular and with details of dark stains, very common in outdoor walls.



Customizable Alphas


You can control the intensity of the alphas and the coordinates for adjusting the size and position in the Mapping nodes.




Easy to use and Customizable!


More than just bitmaps textures, complete shaders with alphas so that you can Adjust Color and imperfections.



Choose Color






Concrete Floor

  • Color Customizable




Seamless Textures

  • Textures that work perfectly not only with blender but also with any other 3d software like 3D's Max, Cinema 4D, Unreal Engine and so on!

Diffuse Maps

Specular Maps

Normal Maps

Seamless Imperfections Alpha Maps (for any material) also known as

Dirt Textures/Maps

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  • User Manual
  • Visual Guide Reference
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